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Living for the Golden Moments

I love preparing teams on how to communicate during their next crisis, but I live for the Golden Moments.

I recently delivered a workshop where a participant shared a crisis in her organization involving a fatality. The participant said she felt ashamed and embarrassed that this event had happened under her leadership. So she never talked about it with any of the other executives in her network.

Through the workshop scenarios, participants began sharing about the issues or crises that had impacted them in their facilities. It was quickly apparent that many others in the room had either experienced or had the risk of a similar situation.

When you present scenarios in training that have either happened or have the potential to impact an organization, it opens the opportunity for shared dialogue and the gathering of differing perspectives. You hear the voices of experience, and rich conversations develop. These are the Golden Moments.

As a consultant, I can provide the crisis communications framework, teach you the skills you need to write a message map and train you to own your interview – but I am not a content expert for your organization or network. This piece must come from within the team.

So, when participants are in a training environment where they feel comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics, they will show their vulnerable side and share their deepest concerns. The follow-on discussion will bring a collective solution to what they thought to be an isolated problem. This offers opportunities for leveraging shared protocols and procedures, reviewing lessons identified and learning from one another.

There is great value in creating an inclusive and safe learning space. This is where you discover the Golden Moments.

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