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Module 1: An Introduction to Effective Media Interviews

Effective media interviews require planning and practice. In Module 1 of our media training you will learn:

  • Traditional media;

  • How to prepare for an interview;

  • How to develop three key messages for your delivery; and,

  • How to own the interview.


This inclusive learning environment offers participants the opportunity to do both radio and camera interviews in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Participants are invited to provide feedback for each taped interview. 

Module 2: Spokesperson Training

A follow-on to Module 1, this session takes spokesperson training to a new level. Designated spokespersons will have the opportunity to engage with media for more detailed responses, and also offers in-depth video critiques of interviews for a more personalized approach. 

All Media Training is done in partnership with Grant Cree from Grant Cree Event Media. With 15 years experience in public relations and print journalism, he understands all aspects of community outreach - including the benefit of strong media communications and social media.

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