Crisis Communications, 

Emergency Public Information

& Media Training

Timely and accurate communication during a crisis or disaster can help save lives, stabilize an incident, and even enhance the reputation of your organization. At M.D. Bruce & Associates Ltd. we deliver customized education and training sessions to help you build your confidence and preparedness.

What We Offer

Risk & Crisis Communications
  • Learning the basics of risk and crisis communications

  • Developing an effective crisis communications plan

Emergency Public Information
  • Understanding the critical role of Public Information in an incident or crisis

  • Module 1: Engaging media for effective interviews

  • Module 2: Preparing the spokesperson

Communication in Emergency Management
  • Communicating in all pillars of emergency management: Preparedness, Mitigation, Response and Recovery

Communication Plans &
  • Providing crisis communication planning and tabletop exercise training for communications teams

  • Developing an effective social media plan for emergency management


"The real life experience, stories, and wisdom that Shawna brought to our EOC was invaluable. Her time in the PIO trenches enabled us to trust that her teachings are tried and tested. Half the battle in emergency response is having confidence that you know what to do. This training provided both the knowledge of what to do and the confidence it takes to carry out our plans."

Vanessa Goodman

External Relations Manager • NWR Partnership

Is your organization prepared for a crisis?

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