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Goodbye 2020 - Time To Hit The Reset Button

If you could think of one word to describe this past year, what would it be? We could start with the overused "unprecedented" (because it was) or pandemic, crisis, infodemic, quarantines, isolation, Zoom, and the list goes on. It was, well, different.

Now, what if I posed the question – how was 2020 rewarding for you professionally? What would you say? I will admit, COVID-19 was good for those who work in risk and crisis communication. Clients needed assistance with their planning or responses, and there was more than enough work for everyone.

For me, the most significant professional takeaway from 2020, was the strength of networking through social media platforms with those who are both like-minded or who offered different perspectives and challenged my thinking.

I feel humbled and grateful to have connected with crisis communicators, emergency management leaders, media consultants, academia, risk professionals, non -profits, and communicators who support various public and private enterprises. My network has grown in numbers but also in its depth. I have connected with those just learning about crisis communications and others who have dedicated their career to the profession. Each one brings tremendous energy, enthusiasm and varied experience to the conversation. I feel I can reach out to any one of them and collaborate or discuss challenges (and have done so) with a whole new team of professionals networked through LinkedIn or Twitter.

But now we are four nights of sleep before Santa comes to visit, and it is time to gear down and hit the reset button. My brain feels full, and I feel tired. I also anticipate early 2021 will be just as busy. There is hope on the horizon with the vaccine's rollout, but this will mean more communication efforts, more challenges and more work ahead.

So, I ask each of you reading this blog today to commit to taking time during the holiday season to relax. Consider turning off your social media (or reduce your time spent on it because can we ever really walk away??) and clear your head. It's time to focus on self-care and family, hit your personal reset button, and enjoy the season.

However, you wish to celebrate the next few weeks. I hope it is steeped in traditions and the making of new memories. Also, promise me you will take a moment to reflect on the positives of 2020. Meeting all of you - was undoubtedly one of mine.

Happy Holidays – Keep Healthy and Safe.



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