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Are you ready to PERFORM?

After you write your crisis communications plan, prepare your team, and practice together - what's next? I like to call this the "Perform" phase.

Now is when you bring your plan, training, experience, and discussions together and respond to an emergency or crisis event. Your adrenaline is pumping, you start to sweat a little, and you need to start performing in your role.

Lean in with confidence, ask questions, wear the "public" hat and consider how decisions will impact your audiences.

Ensure you understand the goals of your crisis management team or Incident Commander and use communications to support achieving them. Demonstrate how communication is the thread that ties everything together.

Now is when you show your leadership what your team is capable of on the communications front. This is your chance to shine and bring calm to the chaos through effectively using your #crisiscommunications principles and actions. You've got this!

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